Saturday, January 26, 2008

THE Must-Watch Event of February 3

Category: Preview

If you're not interested in football, or if your team isn't in the Super Bowl, or if you're just sick of all the talk talk talk about the game, fear not. There is something to watch on February 3 other than the game.

In fact, I would recommend this over the game.

The event is Puppy Bowl IV.

This year's lineup looks to be superb. My eyes will be on Attucker, an adorable beagle, Raven, an mini-pin/beagle mix, and Jack, the mini dachshund. It doesn't matter, however, because these 24 will vie for the honors of MVP (Most Valuable Puppy) as they romp in a playpen decked out like a football field. Highlights include BOWL CAM (a camera beneath a glass drinking bowl) and a caretaker dressed like a referee who throws a flag for personal fouls such as puppy business on the playing field. Apparently, the halftime kitty show will return this year as well.

So, if you're looking for a great alternative to the four hours of so-called "experts" talking about the game, tune in the Animal Planet on February 3, starting at 3 PM eastern time, for Puppy Bowl IV.

A word of warning, though: this show, which runs nonstop for 12 hours, is so addictive, you just might forget the game.


Sam said...

Sounds like a wonderful alternative. Watch a bunch of sweet puppies who only give love and devotion or a bunch of overpaid egomaniacs. I think I will go with the puppies. Of course we could be missing history watching a team go 19 and oh we got caught cheating.

Nah, I will stick with the dogs.

RED-DOG said...

It is a great show!
But the MVP is going to be Abbigale the JRT. She tears up the place and out plays any other pup on the field.