Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Missing From Baker Street

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While playing music trivia on AOL, Gerry Rafferty's name came up. Most people remember him as the lead singer for Stealer's Wheel with their one big U.S. hit, "Stuck in the Middle with You" (they had one other hit, "Star," in 1974). He had a major solo hit in late 1978 with "Baker Street" from the spectacular album City to City. Two more hits followed from that album, but he never equaled that success in the States.

Apparently Rafferty, 61, was in St. Thomas Hospital in London for liver failure treatment or alcohol treatment (it is unclear which, or it could be both). He checked himself out of the hospital August 1, leaving his clothes and personal effects behind. The hospital filed a missing person report with the police, but to date Rafferty has not been seen since.

Here's hoping Rafferty turns up soon and is able to get his personal problems sorted out.

And, if you want to hear some of the best music of the last 30 years, put on City to City.

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