Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I Am Not a Number, I Am a Free Man!

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It is with tremendous sadness that I report the death of actor Patrick McGoohan. McGoohan died in Los Angeles on January 14 after a brief illness.

McGoohan was a talented actor with many roles to his credit. However, his legacy, without question, is The Prisoner. He created, produced, and even wrote and directed episodes of the 1960s ITC cult classic centered around an unnamed British agent who resigns from his job and is promptly whisked away to "The Village." Who he is (there were plenty of rumors that the character was John Drake, McGoohan's character in Danger Man -- also known as Secret Agent Man in the U.S.), who has abducted him, where he is, and why were all questions that he AND the audience tried to sort through for 16 delicious episodes. In the world of copycat programming, The Prisoner was, and still is, totally unique.

Number 6 is free at last. McGoohan was 80.

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Hasn't been a good week so far, we lost the other Hagar brother and Khan has caught de plane boss and gone home as well.