Friday, August 20, 2010

Rock Loses Three

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Two of the most critically-acclaimed, yet underrated bands in rock and roll, along with one of the biggest superstars from the 70s,
have suffered losses in the past few days.

Richie Hayward. Richie was the drummer and co-founder of the band Little Feat. While Little Feat never had a hit record of their own, they were FM rock darlings (until the advent of the "superstars" format) and adored by their fans and many rock critics alike. Hayward died August 12 after a year-long struggle with liver disease. He was 64.

Kenny Edwards. Kenny co-founded the country-rock band the Stone Poneys in the late 60s and spent many years backing the band's lead singer, Linda Ronstadt, as she made her way from shy singer to platinum superstar in six genres (country, rock, pop, Broadway, opera, and Mexican). Edwards died from complications of prostate cancer and the blood disease thrombotic thombocytopenic purpura. He, too, was 64.

Michael Been. The Call's web site refers to them as "perhaps the most underrated band ever," and that is nothing but an understatement. While all the band's albums, featuring lyrics with Christian overtones ("here's to the preachers of the sacred word"), were critically successful, none yielded anything more than the minor 1989 hit "Let the Day Begin." Their front man, bassist and lyricist, Michael Been, suffered a fatal heart while on tour in Belgium. He was 60.

Farewell, gentlemen. We will miss you but always remember you through your gifts of music.

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