Monday, May 23, 2011

Good and Bad in News

Category:  News Reporting

Kudos to the Weather Channel's Mike Bettes for being human.  It's really nice to know that seeing hundreds of people killed and injured and scores of buildings destroyed does emotionally affect a reporter.  That was honest, too, as real as the pain on Walter Cronkite's face when he announced that President Kennedy was dead in 1963.  Way to go, Mike.  I hope the weather improves so you don't get choked up over tornado devastation again for a long time.

As for other news reporters, could you please give us a break from the false prophet who keeps proclaiming a new date for the end of the world every time it becomes obvious that he doesn't have a clue?  This clod's giving Christians a bad name by claiming he knows more than God (since Jesus said that only God knows the day).  He's also giving reporters a bad name because they treat his spewings as if he's actually newsworthy.  Take a hint from Lou Grant, who once said, "There's no such thing as a slow news day, only slow news men." 

Or maybe a better reference would be Chevy Chase from "Weekend Update" from the original Saturday Night Live, where he reported that a celebrity was back in the news.  Chase then added, "Sources report that nobody is interested and nobody cares."  Neither do we.

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