Sunday, August 4, 2013

Update on Robbin Thompson

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When I didn't receive an e-mailed newsletter from Robbin Thompson for months following his February announcement that he had been battling stomach cancer for 12 years I naturally suspected the worst.  Fortunately, the news from Robbin in his most recent newsletter contains good news.  

"I know most of you got my newsletter from February that basically disclosed my 13 year fight with the cancer," Thompson wrote in his newsletter released on his website and e-mailed to his fans.  "Well..I had my 1st check-up since the surgery and the news was pretty good. No visible signs of tumors!! woohoo! I know it's not over but it's the 1st time in 13 years I've heard a Dr. say that so, needless to say I'm pretty stoked. I still have to take the drugs and the drugs that keep those drugs from killin' me but I'm ok with that. Now I can concentrate on the normal stuff that happens to all of us at this age like bad knees and why the hell do my feet hurt? what are those spots in front of my eyes? Stuff that everyone gets...right? Thanks for all the support and prayers. it worked."

Thompson has other things to concentrate on as well, such as promoting his most recent album, A Real Fine Day.  Thompson continues to appear in his native Virginia regularly, and he will be heading to Finland and Sweden for a tour starting in September.

Best wishes and continued prayers for a performer who was a significant part of my musical life for the two and a half years I lived in that "Sweet Virginia Breeze" that Robbin Thompson always sings about.

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