Sunday, March 2, 2008

Jeff Healey Dies

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Rock/blues/jazz guitarist/singer Jeff Healey, best-known for his rendition of the John Hiatt song "Angel Eyes," died of cancer Sunday (March 2) in Toronto.

Healey was blinded in infancy by cancer; specifically, retino blastoma. Various cancers attacked him for most of his life. In January of this year, he had a cancerous tumor removed from his leg, then cancer was found in both lungs.

Healey, a native of Toronto, played the guitar as it rested in his lap. He was hailed as a virtuoso on the instrument early in life. In 1988 his album See the Light was released, and the single, "Angel Eyes," became a major hit.

However, Healey preferred jazz to rock and turned his music in that direction. He also became a DJ on CBC radio, hosting the show My Kinda Jazz.

Healey's final album, Mess of Blues, is scheduled for release April 22. He is survived by his wife and two children, his father and stepmother, and two sisters.

Jeff Healey was 41.

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