Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Wright Way is All Wrong

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The Travel Channel has a new program, America the Wright Way, which debuted last Monday evening. Being a Travel Channel fan, I was all set to watch it. The notion of a British tourist traveling the U.S. and seeing the things we as Americans take for granted was especially appealing.

It is a rare instance when I cannot make it through a show I specifically picked to watch. In fact, America the Wright Way is the first time it has happened this decade. However, I found Ian Wright so annoying I could not make it until the second commercial break without changing the channel.

What's wrong with Wright? Imagine Billy Mays with an English accent. Or worse, remember that British chap from the infomercials who just would not shut up? Roll them together and you have Ian Wright. He tries to be funny, but in the few minutes I was able to endure the show, it appeared that even he realized he wasn't funny. It was pathetic. He wants to be England's answer to Samantha Brown in the worst way, but Samantha has far more personality and humor (even when her jokes are old and obvious) than this guy.

I'm glad I have other things planned for Monday night than to suffer through this series. If I didn't have something planned, I would find something.

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renee said...

This sounds so bad I may have to put myself through the torture of watching it. I enjoy watching really annoying TV personalities for some reason. Call me a sadist. Hence my love for all things Billy Mays.