Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Baker Street Dead Ends

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Gerry Rafferty died today (1/4) of liver failure after a long, tumultuous battle with alcoholism.

Rafferty was best-known for the 1978 hit "Baker Street," featuring the haunting saxophone and introspective lyrics about a musician who wanted to "give up the blues and the one-night stands."  He was also the lead singer for Stealer's Wheel, of "Stuck in the Middle With You" fame.

Rafferty's wife divorced him in 1990 because of his battles with the bottle.  In August 2008 he disappeared from a rehab hospital.  He turned up at his home in Tuscany six months later.  Alas, the alcoholism won the war.

"Stealin' Time" from 1978's City to City is one of the songs on my "50 songs everyone should listen to" project.

Gerry Rafferty was just 63.

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