Saturday, December 29, 2012

Called It, Didn't I?

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Frank Burns once said he wasn't right very often.  Even the doctor of dunce from M*A*S*H could have called some of the winners in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee balloting.   Heck, I got most of them right!  

As previously predicted, Randy Newman was inducted, as was the late queen of disco Donna Summer and legendary blues man Albert King.  I was also thrilled to see that the Hall of Fame is finally getting around to putting commercially successful but critically panned acts in, as evident by the induction of Heart and Rush.  This gives me hope that maybe next year we will see the nomination (note that not only are these household names not inducted, they have NEVER BEEN NOMINATED) of other legendary acts such as Steve Miller, Linda Ronstadt, the Electric Light Orchestra, the Moody Blues, and Kiss.  Yeah, Kiss's music may be lame but I guarantee you that more people know who they are than know who Erik B. & Rakem (one of this year's nominees) are.  And as I always like to point out, it is a hall of FAME.

Congratulations, especially, to Rush.  I have never cared for that band (Geddy Lee's voice is worse than a cat using a chalkboard for a scratching post), but who on this earth in his/her right mind can argue with their success?  Their native country put them in the Canadian Music Hall of Fame a decade and a half ago.  It's nice to see the music snobs in Cleveland put their tastes aside for a change and put the most worthy act in.  

Maybe next year Miller, Ronstadt, ELO and the Moodies will join them.

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